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Turquoise Hoop Earrings
Turquoise hoop earrings come in two varieties: full- and half-hoop. Numerous styles stem from these two base styles. Full-hoop earrings are simple, but make a bold fashion statement. They are generally plain wire or tubing fashioned into a ring; wire hoops are often worn as-is, tubing hoops are strong and can support beadwork and dangles. Half-hoop earrings are less bold than their counterparts, but are equally fashionable; what they lack in size, they make up for in usability. Turquoise is beautifully incorporated into half-hoops with inlay and beading techniques. Inlaid turquoise can be placed on the outer rim of the hoop for a crisp, clean look. Turquoise dangles or clusters can be attached for a casual, airy style. Buy at www.beaded-jewellery.com
turquoise hoop earrings
turquoise hoop earrings
turquoise earrings

Turquoise hoop earrings

Turquoise hoop earrings
Turquoise earrings

Turquoise Diamond Shaped Earrings
The unique and charming blue-green glow of turquoise seems to have a cast a spell of enchantment since long time . It has been used for the ceremonial masks of the Aztecs and the burial masks of the Egyptians; as amulets by Native American; and as symbol of wealth in many ancient civilizations. Today's artisan jewelers do not escape the charm of turquoise, treasuring its ulitimate beauty in a plethora of styles and designs. Visit www.beaded-jewellery.com gallery of turquoise earrings and be fascinated! According to mystical lore, turquoise takes on the characteristics of its owner, which stands to reason that a pair of turquoise earrings will always suit your personal style even if they were handmade so very far away, say by Alfredo Inga in Peru. Turquoise is regarded as the symbol of friendship, said to bring the wearer good fortune when given as a gift. If you were thinking of earrings, why not turquoise earrings for a more personal, original gift?
turquoise round earrings
turquoise diamond shape earrings
chipped turquoise earrings

Turquoise round earrings

Turquoise diamond shape earrings
Chipped turquoise earrings

Turquoise Wire Earrings
The introduction of ear wires has created a blank canvas for turquoise earring designers. A great number of designs can be made using them as a base on which to decorate, or as a decoration itself. While some designers have chosen to beautify the wire by attaching turquoise to it, the real attention grabber is the dangle. The dangle can range from a large chandelier pendant to a simple beaded cluster. Combining the free flowing motion and charm of turquoise, dangle earrings draw even more attention to the face. This style of turquoise earrings adapts well to any outfit and occasion.
turquoise dangle earrings
turquoise chandelier earrings


Turquoise chandelier earrings

Handmade Turquoise Earrings
Shop here for handmade turquoise earrings, unique earrings and handcrafted earrings offered in wide assortments of wildlife, nature, flower and animal jewelry designs. You will find great selections of wholesale handmade earrings for your gift shops, souvenir stores and trading posts. These exquisite handmade earrings will make unique gifts for yourself or your loved ones. These distinctive unique handmade turquoise earrings are created in stud, drop, dangle and chandelier earrings styles.
handmade turquoise earrings
turquoise sequin earrings
designer turquoise earrings

Handmade turquoise earrings

Turquoise sequin earrings
Designer turquoise earrings

Would Turquoise Jewelry help in healing?
During ancient days, turquoise jewelry was worn to protect a person against evil forces. Wearing a turquoise stone has always been considered as a symbol of good fortune. People believe that the turquoise jewelry also acts as a form of protection for people who are involved in professions that can be considered to be quite risky. It is said that wearing turquoise jewelry helps the wearer feel cheerful as well. Turquoise stones have also been used to cure medical problems in the past such as placing them over the eyes or using it to cure stomach disorders. Wearing turquoise jewelry was also considered a way to get the one you love in the ancient days.

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