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We are manufacturing all types of sacrf and sarongs, pareo, beachwear in India, available in nummerable patterns and colors.

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About scarf-

A scarf is a cloth worn on the head or around the neck for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or for religious reasons. Scarfes come in a variety of different colours, patterns and fabrics. Scarves can be worn in a variety of ways

About sarong-

Sarong is a long cloth that is wrapped around the entire body. It can be tied at the waist as a skirt or tied around the neck or underarms for a dress. Sarong is commonly worn by men and women alike.Sarong is a cloth worn around the body in contemporary fashion, especially as part of beach/ holiday apparel. Sarong most often has checkered patterns or brightly colored. Many modern sarongs also have printed designs, often depicting animals or plants. Sarongs has many uses. The most common way to wear a sarong in the West, however, is as a beach accessory.