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African jewelry | Ethnic jewelry | bone and horn jewelry
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bone necklace
Sale Price: CAD 2.05
List Price: CAD 2.33

resin necklace

Price: CAD 9.86
Horn resin & metal Necklace
Price: CAD 8.18
resin necklace
Price: CAD 9.11
42inch resin necklace
Price: CAD 8.18
42inch resin necklace
Sale Price: CAD 8.18
List Price: CAD 8.53
bone necklace
Sale Price: CAD 7.63
List Price: CAD 7.75
resin necklace 40inch
Price: CAD 8.74

Beautiful resin and metal bead necklace 

Sale Price: CAD 9.86
List Price: CAD 10.08
bone necklace
Sale Price: CAD 6.51
List Price: CAD 6.98
bone necklace
Price: CAD 7.07

Stylish necklace made of resin beads

Price: CAD 8.93
Sale Price: CAD 2.23
List Price: CAD 2.79
Price: CAD 4.84
Price: CAD 4.09
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Our online African Ethnic store offers an assorted range of African Ethnic jewellery. Available are African Ethnic beaded jewelery including African Ethnic necklaces, African Ethnic pendants, African Ethnic earrings, African chokers and African bracelets. Our unique jewelry designs are crafted in bone, wood, horn and stone beads. Our handcrafted African necklaces suit tribal and contemporary African tastes. We offer for sale these unique ethnic African jewelry at wholesale prices.

So, complete your outfit with a matching set of African Ethnic jewelry. From Silver to coral colored beads, we have the right African Ethnic jewelry piece for every occasion. In our traditional way we presents to you the inspiration behind our jewelery as well as historical backgrounds for African jewelery.

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