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 A beautiful and rich collection belly dance costumes and outfits for belly dancers in this section you will find costume for belly dance like hip scarfs, coin scarfs, Top with Hip scarf, Top with belly dance skirt, Belly dance sleeves and belly dance veils. For belly dance jewelry and accessories click here

VK's Belly dance costume store brings quality belly dance costumes, hip scarves, coin belts, belly dancing skirts, top, veils and accessories that are Genuine and handmade in India. The beautiful designs of our belly dancing costumes and hip scarf collections will satisfy your needs whether you are a bellydance enthusiast or a professional belly dancer.
Top with Hip Scarf
Top with Hip Scarf
Hip Scarfs
Hip Scarfs
Top with Skirt
Top with Skirt
Beaded Belly dance Tops
Beaded Belly dance Tops
Belly Dance Sleeves
Belly Dance Sleeves
Belly dance veils
Belly dance veils

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About Belly Dance Costumes

Welcome to http://beaded-jewellery.com/catalogs-Belly_Dance_Costumes.html We offer Professional belly dance and belly dancer Costumes, outfits and accessories that are handmade in India.  Our belly dancing costumes are made for the professional as well as for the beginner belly dancer.  Our bellydance costumes are also great for dance parties!  We also offer Tribal Belly Dance Clothes We have been offering genuine cabaret bellydance costumes to professional Belly Dancers.  If you need a belly dance costume or belly dance outfit immediately,  you will find the largest collection of  bellydance costumes and jewlry here on our online shop.

Belly Dance Costume

In the West, the costume most associated with belly dance is the bedlah (Arabic for "suit"). It owes its creation to the Victorian painters of "Orientalism" and the harem fantasy productions of vaudeville, burlesque, and Hollywood during the turn of the last century, rather than to authentic Middle Eastern belly dance dress.

The bedlah style includes a fitted top or bra (usually with a fringe of beads or coins), a fitted hip belt (again with a fringe of beads or coins), and a skirt or harem pants. The belly dance bra and belt may be richly decorated with beads, sequins, braid and embroidery. The belt may be a separate piece, or sewn into a skirt.

The hip belt is a broad piece of fabric worn low on the hips. It may have straight edge, or may be curved or angled. The bra usually matches the belt and does not resemble lingerie. The classic harem pants are full and gathered at the ankle, but there are many variations. Sometimes pants and a sheer skirt are worn together. Skirts may be flowing creations made of multiple layers of sheer fabric such as chiffon, or figure-hugging lycra.

Belly Dance costume In Egypt

Since the 1950s, it has been illegal in Egypt for belly dancers to perform publicly with their midriff uncovered or to display excessive skin. It is therefore becoming more common to wear a long, figure-hugging lycra one-piece gown with strategically placed cut-outs filled in with sheer, flesh-coloured fabric.

If a separate bra and skirt are worn, a belt is rarely used and any embellishment is embroidered directly on the tight, sleek lycra skirt. A sheer body stocking must be worn to cover the midsection. Egyptian dancers traditionally dance in bare feet, but these days often wear shoes and even high heels.

Belly Dance Costumes In Lebanon

As there is no prohibition on showing the stomach in Lebanon, the bedleh style is more common. The skirts tend to be sheer and/or skimpier than Egyptian outfits, showing more of the dancer's body. The veil is more widely used and the veil matches the outfit. High heels are commonly worn.

Belly Dance Outfits in Turkey

Turkish dancers also wear bedleh style costumes. In the 80s and 90s the art became debased in Turkey and a 'stripperesque' costume style developed, with skirts designed to display both legs up to the hip, and plunging bras. Such styles still exist in some venues but there are also many serious, respectable Turkish belly dancers who wear more moderate costumes. Even so, all Turkish belly dance costumes reflect the playful, flirty style of Turkish belly dance.

American Belly Dance Outfits

American dancers often purchase their costumes from India Egypt or Turkey, but hallmarks of the classical "American" style include a headband with fringe, sheer harem pants or skirt rather than tight lycra, and the use of coins and metalwork to decorate the bra.

For the folkloric and baladi dances, a full-length beledi dress or galabeyah is worn, with or without cutouts.

Props are used,especially in American Restaurant style, to spark audience interest and add variety to the performance, although some traditionalists frown on their use. Some props in common usage are:

* Finger cymbals (zills or sagats).
* Cane (in the Saiidi)
* Veil
* Sword
* Candelabra headdress (shamadan)
* Veil poi
* Fire sticks
* Tambourine
* Fan
* Snakes (Usually either pythons or boa constrictors)